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Photo: Kerstin Ehrnlund

In wonderful collaboration with Espuma, Joel Heirås invites 4 performers and 4 musicians to inhabit his ongoing poetisation of Parkinson's disease. During five days they meet inside a soundscape of birds,  at Théatre Thénardier.



Within less than a week they will put up a new performance, show, cabaret - we dont know yet - through intense co-creation. As primal principle we put the Listening, together with elements of earth, groove and fire.


13 Octobre

Théâtre Thénardier

19 Rue Girard, Montreuil

00:00 / 03:45
DSC_1703 kopiera_edited.jpg
DSC_1689 kopiera_edited_edited.jpg

Joel Heirås

Facilitator, Performer, singer

Erika Webe

Clown, Corporeal Mime

Michel Collins

Performer, Absurdist


Rémy Salmon

Clown, Corporeal Mime

Henrik Wartel

Drummer, Improvisor


Aléxandro Cortez

Dancer, Musician

John Holmström


Tim Perkis

Electronical Live Sound

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